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Photo Shoots | Personality Photography


Pregnancy | Newborn | Baby | Families | Women

As a photographer for special moments, my passion is to create timeless, emotional images, which I transform into small works of art, so that they can be hung on the walls and enjoyed for years to come.


Timeless images of your pregnancy - the first days of your baby's life - milestones in your child's life - all these are moments worth capturing and preserving for eternity. 

My pictures are taken in my studio in Frick or outside in nature.

As my studio is located directly at the motorway exit, I not only welcome clients from Aargau, but also families from the cantons of Zurich, Basel, Baselland, Solothurn and Lucerne.

Frau beim Schreiben

Mentoring | Coaching | Workshops

Business Skills

Are you just starting your own business, would you like to turn your hobby into a career or build up a second career as a sideline?

No matter where you are at the moment, there are many things to consider on the way to your heart's business. Legal issues, insurance, price calculation, marketing, etc.

I support and accompany you in building up your business so that you can earn money with it and live from it.


Personality Photography | Web Design

Personal Brand

A website and images with soul, real & authentic, that reflect YOU and your business.


A professional, appealing and well-structured website with suitable, authentic pictures of you is a MUST for every successful business nowadays.

I will design your tailor-made website and create professional brand photos for you, which will support your business and take it to the next level.


I am Jennifer, but you are welcome to call me Jen. My heart beats for my husband Michel and our two dogs Amy and Yuma. I am a passionate photographer, because I love to capture those special moments and pictures for you.

And because I like to use my creative skills not only in photography, but also in web design, you get photography and web design from one source.  

I also love to coach and accompany people, especially women, on their way to their heart's business.

More about me

Client   testimonials

I love, love, love the pictures and I am so happy when the finished processed pictures arrive at my place.

The shooting was awesome. I feel like you! It was so great and exactly as I had imagined and wished for. Starting with the super styling, the unique weather luck with a simply fantastic location for me, the clothes and then of course your work. I felt so comfortable with you and I think you can see that in the pictures.

Many, many thanks again that I can take these moments with me for eternity!


- Gabi - 


JenFotoART - Your photographer for the special moments

Studio: Stieracker 20, 5070 Frick

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