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in Frick, Canton Aargau
Delicate, pure and simply beautiful - your baby!

The arrival of a new family member is a unique event that will change your life from the ground up. From the sleepless nights to the countless moments of happiness, time with your newborn is precious and fleeting.

Your baby will change so quickly, especially in the first few days and weeks, that you will hardly believe it. That's why it's invaluable to capture these precious moments in professional images to treasure forever and that's exactly what I do!

My photo studio is specially designed to meet the needs of newborns and offers a variety of accessories, blankets and clothes to create magical images.


The newborn shoot preferably takes place between the 5th and 14th day of your baby's life to capture this special newborn time.

I welcome not only the newborn, but the whole family - including your partner and any existing siblings. 

Before the shoot, I will send you my Newborn Guide, which contains all the important information about the shoot, as well as a list of things you should bring to the shoot.


The best moments in life pass far too quickly. They are so fleeting and therefore particularly precious. Let's create memories together!

The first moments with your newborn baby are precious and fleeting, which is why they are so incredibly important.

As your newborn photographer here in Frick, in the canton of Aargau, it is my passion to capture this special first time with your baby in emotional and authentic pictures.


When should you book your shoot?

Ideally as soon as you know your due date. As little people come when they want, I will keep a time slot open for you around your due date so that I can offer you an appointment in any case, as I am sometimes fully booked weeks in advance.

When will your baby be photographed?

As soon as your baby is born, please contact me so that I can suggest a date for your shoot. Experience has shown that the best time for a newborn shoot is in the first 14 days after birth. During this time, babies still sleep most of the time, so the shoot can take place without much stress.


Are there any family pictures?

Definitely, and these are particularly important. 

As well as the classic family photo, you can also take all sorts of combinations, such as mum with baby, dad with baby, and so on. 

You can also take pictures with your hands, which is always a wonderful way to immortalise your little miracle.


Siblings during the shoot

Of course, sibling pictures are also a must. Here I focus entirely on them, because every child is unique and reacts differently to new people and surroundings. The older siblings are allowed to arrive first.

There are many ways to capture the siblings together in a picture, I decide which constellations are best suited to the situation, taking their age and individual needs into account.

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