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Jennifer Graber

The face behind the camera

My name is Jen (abbreviation of Jennifer) and I was born in 1981 in beautiful Solothurn and grew up there. Since 2010 I live in the canton of Aargau, together with my husband Michel and our two dogs Amy and Yuma we live in a house in the beautiful Fricktal.


I came into contact with photography at a very early age, my mother was and is a presidential hobby photographer. I have always enjoyed creative work, whether drawing or handicrafts were not important. But my professional career took me in a completely different direction at first, until I found my way back to the creative side - to photography.

For me, photography means capturing beautiful moments, immortalising memories, creating images for eternity.

After trying out various fields of photography, I found my passion in pregnancy and newborn photography and also wedding photography. It is important for me to be able to capture special moments on pictures, as is the case with pregnancy, for example. These moments are gone so quickly and immortalising them on pictures and making people happy with them gives me great pleasure.


Make visible what might never have been noticed without you.

– Robert Bresson –


Describing myself is always difficult, but I'll try to write a few words about myself anyway:


Hopelessly romantic, love love love love animals and especially dogs, love being in nature, concerts and music are my passion, love to curl up on the sofa with a book on rainy and cold days, am always overwhelmed by the beauty of our earth, love winter & snow, think rain is stupid, love tattoos, don't like piercings, love motorbikes and have ridden them myself, am sometimes a bit impatient, am very emotional, am built close to water, love to laugh, love my family more than anything and last but not least - I love life!


My photographic backup

  • 2021 Masterclass (Maternity & Family FineArt Photography) bei Natasha Ince    & Paulina Duzcman UK, in Stuttgart

  • 2021 Newbornfotografie bei Daniela Ursache, Rumänien

  • 2020 Online Editing Workshop by Natasha Ince UK

  • 2019 Newbornfotografie bei Danielle Hagens, Holland

  • 2019 Schwangerschaftsfotografie bei Danielle Hagens, Holland

  • 2018 FineArt Kinderfotografie bei Paulina Duczman, UK

  • 2018 Hochzeitsfotografie Workshop auf dem Schloss mit div. Referenten

  • 2018 Blitzworkshop kreatives Blitzen bei Lebendige Fotografie, Deutschland

  • 2017 Newborn- und Schwangerschaftsfotografie bei Katja Herz Fotografie, Deutschland

  • 2017 Maternity und Love Story Fotografie bei Nina Wüthrich Photography

  • 2016 Newbornfotografie bei Corinne Chollet Photography

  • 2016 Abendlicht Fotografie bei Andrea Rufener Photography

  • 2016 Hochzeitsfotografie bei Andrea Rufener Photography

  • 2015 Newbornfotografie bei Laura Kissling Fotografie

  • 2015 Kinderfotografie bei BB Fotografie Barbara Brutschin

  • 2015 Portraitfotografie bei Wolfgang Kölliker

  • 2015 Hochzeitfotografie bei Felix Peter

  • 2014 Studiofotografie bei Henry-Jean Beaufort

  • 2014 Nachtfotografie bei Henry-Jean Beaufort

  • 2014 Entfesselt Blitzen bei Stephan Wiesner

  • 2014 Hundefotografie bei Brigitte Kreisl

  • 2013 Pferdefotografie bei Brigitte Kreisl

  • 2011 Fotografie Grundkurs bei Fotoschule Kunz (Dominik Baur)

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