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Mama & Me

Unconditional, strong and infinite is the love of a mother for her child

The Mama & Me shooting is one of the most important shootings of all. It is the unique opportunity to get pictures of you and your child, whether you have only one or several.

Mama's stand far too often behind the camera and take pictures of her children and the family, but they themselves are usually not in the pictures and therefore memory pictures of mama and her children are often a rarity.

So important are these memorial pictures for your children! For later when they grow up, to see how much you loved them and how much you will love them.

The Mama & Me Shooting preferably takes place in my studio. If desired, it can also take place outside in the nature. Your child should be at least 6 months old at the time of the shooting. I will provide you with beautiful clothes for the shooting and depending on the age of your child I can also offer a small selection of adorable outfits for him/her.

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